Outback Orchids Australia are the only Licenced supplier of the protected Wild Australian Black Orchid (Cymbidium canaliculatumvar. sparkesii). 

Protected Plant Harvesting Licence Permit Number: WA00166850

  • Why We Need a Licence To Do What We Do

    The Cymbidium canaliculatum orchids (Native black orchids) are classified as a 'special least concern' species, under the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection's 'Management Plan for Protected Plants 2014-19'.

    Special least concern plants include natives such as orchids, epiphytic ferns, cycads, grass trees and other popular horticultural species which are not considered sufficiently rare to be classified as near threatened or threatened plants under the Nature Conservation Act, but are harvested and traded to the extent that a potential threat to the species might exist if the harvest was not regulated. 

    The groups of plants commonly harvested as whole plants are mostly slow-growing or difficult to propagate, and which, with some exceptions, transplant reasonably easily. They take a long time to replace themselves by natural processes when part of the population is removed. Other species, due to particular physiological or biological traits, may be at risk from unregulated harvesting. Therefore, least concern plants that are commonly harvested in the wild or may be subject to conservation pressures due to the particular biological or physiological traits of the plant and/or unregulated harvesting due to high commercial demand are prescribed as 'special least concern' plants. To ensure populations of these plants are not depleted to the point where they become threatened, harvest will be regulated, and conditions will apply to the trade of these plants.  

    As with whole plants, applicants wanting to harvest special least concern plants need to satisfy the department, through a comprehensive sustainable harvest plan, that the proposed harvest is ecologically sustainable.

    Trade of special least concern plants are monitored through the requirement for harvesting activity records, and the sale and movement of whole plants and plant parts.

  • Required Licences and Obligations

    A 'protected plant harvesting licence'issued by the Nature Conservation Regulation 2006, along with a 'forestry product sales permit' from the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is required. Royalties are paid to the Government for each plant harvested. Government-issued 'Tagged for Conservation Protected plant authorised for sale' tags are purchased from the Government which allocates each plant with a specific identification number.

    These tags must be attached to the plant until it is purchased, which the purchaser may choose to leave assigned to plant or kept in a safe place as proof of legitimate purchase.  

  • Weatherproof Plaque

    Outback Orchids Australia also provides a unique and all weatherproof plaque which is permanently attached to the orchid - see below. This plaque presents the origin of the orchid, the orchids scientific name and variety, and its specific identification number. 

  • Certificate of Authenticity

    Additionally, a beautiful certificate of Authenticity is provided with each Outback Orchid. The certificate states the scientific name and each specimens individual plant number. The certificate also provides a nice touch, especially when purchasing an orchid as a gift.