• The Australian Native Wild Black Orchid (Cymbidium canaliculatumvar. Sparkesii)

    is an attractive plant that grows from hollows in limbs and trunks of trees with its roots deep in the decaying wood. Although usually found in light shade, it will thrive in full sunlight in the hottest and driest districts. When space in the hollow permits, this species may grow into a huge, densely packed mass of plant weighing hundreds of kilograms making it an amazing feature for any space.

    The leaves can be up to 500mm long and 40mm wide with up to 6 leaves per bulb. The raceme can extend to over 400mm long and carry up to 60 flowers or more. Flowers are 35mm x 30mm on average and come in a dark maroon colour (black). These beauties are one of the only orchids with fragrant flowers in Australia and flower from August to November.

    It is the most widely distributed of our native orchids, from the Kimberley region of north WA across northern Australia down into QLD and its southern limit in the wild is the Hunter River in central NSW. It will grow from the coast at sea level in northern Australia up over the ranges at altitudes to 900metres and into inland western plains in quite arid zones. Therefore, this amazing orchid can withstand many climate types - from your dry patio to your well-watered garden.

  • Flowering Black Orchid

  • Australian Native

  • Authorised Protected Plant